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NDBA Bowhunters Foundation

Tips on Giving to the Foundation-


  • You can advance to a higher level of giving by letting your contributions accumulate.
    • For example, If you have decided to contribute $100 per year to the future of archery and bowhunting in North Dakota, you would begin with the Mule Deer level and in 5 years when your contributions have reached $500, you would enter the Pronghorn level.


  • Another great way to donate to the Foundation is to "Pledge" your donation.
    • Example; You could pledge $1000 to the Foundation at $100 per year for the next 10 years.
    • You could pledge an amount from your life insurance or estate when you are gone.
    • You can pledge any amount you wish.
    • You would immediately achieve the giving level of your pledge.


  • Make your donation in memory of someone.
    • Donations to a memorial are credited to your personal level of giving as well

    as that of the memorial.


  • Please contact the   Foundation Board   for any questions you may have.

The NDBA Bowhunters Foundation mailing address is;

NDBA / PO Box 374 / Bismarck, ND 58502

updated 5/10/2016


$10,000 +

Borgeson, Ron

Grewe, Jeff

David Speral Memorial


$5000 +

Domaskin, Jim & Mary
Goroski, Steve
Simonson, Gary
Neameyer, Nathan & Lisa
Warren Buss Memorial




$1000 +

Adams, Loren
American Petroleum Institute
Arman Ranch
Bauer, Ryan
Belisle, Darrell
Biederstedt, Lou
Bisson, James
Buss, Daryl
Colebank, Wayne
Dickinson, Karl
Dubord, David
Fisketjon, Jake
Furstenau, Jeff
Hafliger, Tom
Helphrey, Bill
Jacob, Jeff
Johnson, Tom
Knudson, Cody & Lexi
Leisener, Marty & Vicki
Leisener, Rick
Missouri Basin Bowmen


Nelson, Ben & Lynn
Nishu Bowmen
Nix, Bill
Opperud, Derek
Red River Archers
Rehak, Scott & Kristen
Rehak, Steve
Reierson, Kent
Reierson, Kent & Lois
Richardson, Craig
Rosinski, Gene
Roughrider Archers
Sandhills Archers
Scherr, Jeff
Schwalbe, Loren
Scofield, Don
Speral, Paul
Wells, Curt
Zearly, Steve



Dean Rehak Memorial

Ervin & Edna Rehak


Vern Benth Memorial
Dennis Schneider Memorial





$500 +

Marvin, Buzz
Thomas, Wesley
Larson, DuWayne & Cherri


Dean Fahlsing Memorial
Rodney Slind Memorial
Marvin Liesener Memorial
Myron Wright Memorial



Mule Deer

$100 +

Arnson, Wayne
Baird Construction
Bauer, Kendall
Belik, Daryl
Belisle, Dillon
Bentz, Marylin
Besette, John
Brengle, Gary
Brewinski, John
Burgum, Doug
Colby, Dave & Pam
Diehl, Paul
Dumas, Duane
Eichler, Fred & Michele
Eider, Dane & Greg
Feland, Marlene
Ferrell, Leamon
Fixen, Harlan
Frey, Galen
Goodwin, Russ
Hughes, Brett
Hughes, Mark & Cindy
Hval, Jim


Jenner, Clark
Jenner, Nevin
Kleven, Kim
Longtine, Trevor
Lundeby, Mark & Troy
Miller, Diane
Moe, Ron & Janice

Mountrail Williams  -

Electric Coop

Oderman, Jacob
Pastian, Ross & Sandra
Patten, Brad
Pfennig, Scott & Meredith
Roth, Jesse
Schmidt, Scott
Schneider, Andy
Scofield, Steve
Shannon, Paul
Simpson, Trish & Jeff
Tofte, Michael
Wade, Jeff
Warberg, John
Zunich, Sjon & Lisa


Brint "Jonesy" Jones Memorial
Ron Feland Memorial
Roy Bauer Memorial
Lynn Steffan Memorial

Neil Fahlsing Memorial




Bridwell, Travis
Flowers, Howell
Hochhalter, Dean
Koski, Cody
Lang, Scott
Lech, Kevin
Martinez, Rick
Schmitz, Tom
Wells, Mike













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