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About NDBA

The NDBA was organized in 1952 by a group of dedicated archers. In 1953 North Dakota became the last state to have a special bow and arrow season. Today we have one of the longest bow seasons in the country. The NDBA is a group of dedicated archers working to improve and protect the rights and privileges of Bowhunters and to promote and expand the sport of archery in North Dakota.
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What does the NDBA offer you?

  • A unified voice for all North Dakota Archers.

  • A bimonthly newsletter “The Archers Voice”.

  • Reports and notice of area tournaments.

  • Annual big game awards.

  • A communication network to keep you informed of current events.

  • A chance for every archer to support and to actively participate in promoting archery.

Political Action

  • Participates in Game & Fish Advisory meetings.

  • Lobbies at the ND State Legislature.

  • Maintains a working relationship with the North Dakota Game & Fish Department.

A few of the many NDBA Accomplishments

  • Lengthened the Pronghorn season.

  • Lobbied against and defeated the No Trespass bill.

  • Worked for and obtained a Spring Turkey season.

  • Obtained the right to hunt Moose, Big Horn and Elk with archery equipment.

  • Obtained the right to use archery equipment during the regular gun seasons.






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