Bowhunter Education Field Day – Bismarck

An archery education field day is scheduled Thursday, June 2 at 5:30 p.m. at the Nishu Bowmen Archery Complex in Bismarck.

An archery training voucher that is obtained online is required to participate in the field day. Successful completion of the online course and outdoor field day qualifies archers for a North Dakota bow hunter education certificate.

This bowhunter education class is a certified class that is recognized and honored in other states and Canadian provinces. It is not required for archery hunting in North Dakota, except at the USDA Research Station by Mandan, and other special archery hunting areas in the state.

To reqister for the field day, visit the “buy and apply” link at the North Dakota Game and Fish Department website, The course number is 2728.

More information on archery certification, including how to acquire the training voucher, is available by visiting the department’s education link.