Pope & Young makes Lighted Nock ruling

August 6, 2013

Pope and Young Club Members,
The present popularity of lighted nocks in bowhunting use, and the Pope and
Young Club’s Records Program rule that states “no electronics attached to
the bow and arrow,” have caused much discussion and debate in recent
years. The Club’s Board of Directors, likewise, has been discussing the
philosophical and practical impacts.

Seeking input from the Pope and Young Club’s membership, the Board polled the
membership as to their opinion on a potential change to the “no
electronics” rule exempting lighted nocks.

At the just-completed Board of Directors meeting, the results of the opinion
poll were reviewed and discussed. A total of 1,020 poll submissions were received
from the 6,300 members (16% of the membership responding). Total responses in
favor of the lighted nock exemption were just shy of 60% and responses against
the lighted nock exemption numbered just over 40%. The voting membership
subtotal was more evenly split. Comments from the full membership were studied
as well. Similar to the poll results, the summation of written comments,
exhibiting lots of passion from both sides, showed no overwhelming directive
either way.

Subsequently, a Board motion to amend the Club’s Bylaws to allow lighted nocks
failed to receive the 2/3 majority necessary to advance a bylaws change. The
vote was 7-5.

President Roger Atwood noted, “It is certainly understood that the
at-large bowhunting community, the Pope and Young Club’s membership, and the
Club’s Board of Directors are ALL wrestling with the impacts, and potential
future impacts, of electronics on the future of bowhunting. There are no easy
answers and the big picture subject is one that requires continued contemplation.

We’ve chewed on this lighted nock subject from various angles and all know it’s
a tough one. We wanted the membership’s input and found that there was no
mandate. Worth noting is also that the Board members’ vote is quite
representative of the membership poll’s breakdown–a slight majority, but not
enough to induce a change to the Bylaws. The low opinion poll return numbers,
even though thought provoking, were quite disappointing.”

No matter which side of the subject you personally align, it is important to
recognize that everyone with a strong opinion considers this subject to be a
very impactful one. Yet, there are bowhunters, and Club members, who do not
consider it that way…or do not consider it at all. The inevitable continued
discourse on this subject must take all of this into account.

Please know your Board of Directors realizes that electronic bowhunting
equipment, and specifically the lighted nock at this time, is a contentious
issue within the membership, as it was within the Board. However, despite the
outcome of the Board action on the potential lighted nock exemption, the Board
has vowed to work together. We solicit your understanding and support of that
as well.