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NDBA License plates



logo plate



We have the OK from the NDDOT!

We need 50 applications to get it going!

We just need a few more to get it going!

Submit your app today!

The NDBA is required to handle the paperwork for the first 50 applications. They will be submitted along with the setup fee once we have required 50.


The ND DOT charges $25, each year, for the organizational plate. It would be another $25 for personalized plates. 

(You can use only 5 characters)

The future renewal fees for these NDBA logo plates will be returned to the NDBA Foundation to continue the mission for the

Betterment of Archery and Bowhunting

in North Dakota!


You can save and print the application here


if you would like an application sent to you.

Please print the application, fill it out and return it, with your payment, to the NDBA office.

Make your check payable to the "ND DOT"

The ND DOT requires a $1500 setup fee for this service.

If you would like to add an additional $30 to help

with the setup fee, this would be greatly appreciated!

Make this check payable to the NDBA!

NDBA / PO Box 374 / Bismarck, ND  58502













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