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NASP Results

A total of 530 archers competed in the North Dakota National Archery in the Schools Program state bull’s-eye tournament March 18-19 in Minot.

Hankinson students claimed top honors in the elementary (grades 4-6) and middle school (grades 7-8) divisions. North Sargent claimed first place in the high school (grades 9-12) division.

Overall male and female winners were Spencer Brockman of North Sargent and Kate Loewen of Hankinson.

Winning teams and the top 10 individuals qualify for the national tournament, scheduled for May in Louisville, Ky. The Game and Fish Department and North Dakota Youth Archery Advisory Council contribute a total of $3,000 in travel assistance to the first place team in each division, and $1,000 to the overall male and female individual winners. In addition, a total of $20,000 in college scholarships was awarded by the NDYAAC to the top five overall scorers in both boys and girls.

Qualifying for nationals in each division are:

High school boys – 1) Brockman; 2) Kyle Andres, Medina; 3) Dawson McKeever, North Sargent; 4) Mark McFarland, North Sargent; 5) Steve Dudas, North Sargent; 6) Cheyne Meyer, Hankinson; 7) Dylan Jost, Wahpeton; 8) Alex Huff, Medina; 9) Chase Bladow, Hankinson; 10) Jonathan Goroski, Wahpeton.

High school girls – 1) Loewen; 2) Lisa Buckhaus, Hankinson; 3) Cassie Boelke, Wahpeton; 4) Jaidyn Sander, Hankinson; 5) Kayla Hiam, Hope-Page; 6) Kailee Klein, Wahpeton; 7) Maddie Weigum, Twin Buttes; 8) Mary Goroski, Wahpeton; 9) Sara Hatlewick, Gackle-Streeter; 10) Brinley Mathern, Edgeley.

Middle school boys – 1) Avery McFarland, North Sargent; 2) Braxtyn Hamann, North Sargent; 3) Tate Zerface, Hope-Page; 4) Tavon Stadler, Griggs County Central; 5) Brady McKenna, North Sargent; 6) Austin Bladow, Hankinson; 7) Derrick Zietlow, Hankinson; 8) Brennan Wiederrich, Edgeley; 9) Will Peckham, Montpelier; 10) Bronson Haugen, Barnes County. 

Middle school girls – 1) Sadie Keller, Hankinson; 2) Grace Neameyer, Mt. Pleasant; 3) Alicia Biewer, Hankinson; 4) Olivia Balch, Pingree-Buchanan; 5) Nadia Post, Glenburn; 6) Jaden Gilje, North Sargent; 7) Olivia Prochnow, Hankinson; 8) Abby Helm, Medina; 9) Tenley Evans, Hankinson; 10) Kendra Landsiedel, Wilton.

Elementary boys – 1) Dylan Carlson, Edgeley; 2) Ethan Millner, Hankinson; 3) Aiden Bladow, Hankinson; 4) Jonathan Hill, Wahpeton; 5) Carter Spitzer, Kensal; 6) Matthew Wehseler, North Sargent; 7) Maxin Walock, Oakes; 8) Riley Christensen, North Sargent; 9) Max Fronk, St. John’s; 10) Kendal Sondrol, Wilton.

Elementary girls – 1) Jaycee Brown, Hankinson; 2) Lily Wiek, Oakes; 3) Reagan Teske, Edgeley; 4) Abi Bronson, Wahpeton; 5) Ariana Onchuck, Hankinson; 6) Kennedi Faber, North Sargent; 7) Hannah Neameyer, Mt. Pleasant; 8) Kaydence Brummond, Oakes; 9) Kirstan Loewen, Hankinson; 10) Madison Sitzman, Edgeley.

In addition, 288 archers competed in a NASP 3-D Challenge, run simultaneously with the bull’s-eye tournament.

Top performers in the 3-D high school boys were 1) Brockman; 2) David Loegering, Central Cass; 3) McKeever; 4) Garrett Ponzer, North Sargent; 5) Ted Mandt, Wahpeton.

3-D high school girls – 1) Loewen; 2) Boelke; 3) Laura Kielb, North Sargent; 4) Olivia Waswick, North Sargent; 5) Sabyl Hunt, Dunseith.

3-D middle school boys – 1) McKenna; 2) McFarland; 3) Hamann; 4) Logan Stirling, Hankinson; 5) George Ringuette, Montpelier.

3-D middle school girls – 1) Neameyer; 2) Post; 3) Biewer; 4) Tavi Hirchert, Wilton; 5) Landsiedel.

3-D elementary boys – 1) Hill; 2) Sondrol; 3) Christensen; 4) Bladow; 5) Noah Skroch, Hankinson.

3-D elementary girls – 1) Wiek; 2) Faber; 3) Loewen; 4) Lily Walth, North Sargent; 5) Estella Prochnow, Hankinson.







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