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NDBA Volunteers


Throughout the year, NDBA members have many opportunities to lend a hand in promoting and expanding  the sport of Archery in North Dakota. Even if you only have an hour,

an afternoon or a whole day, your help is greatly appreciated!



It is now time to start taking sign-ups for the 2017 NASP State Tournament! It is again at the State Fair Center in Minot and the date is March 17/18th (Friday/Saturday).  


If you have been before, thank you for your past service and you pretty much know the drill! There is one small update to the scoring procedure, which should make things run even smoother. Below is link to a video that demonstrates the process. Its the third video down, click twice if a video does not pop up.

If you want a general refresher the Line Judge training video is the 2nd one down.


If you have not yet been to a NASP (Archery in the Schools Program) State Tournament, I invite you to come up and check it out!  One hundred kids eagerly waiting for a whistle, then loosing arrows simultaneously is a sight to be seen!


There are a variety of assignments and skill sets needed, but what we need most are Lane Judges. The kids are so well trained in their gym class, you’re mostly there to observe the range movements and call an arrow score once in a while. When you have a few minutes take a look at the link provided above for the procedures videos.  (2nd & 3rd videos)



Friday March 17th

8:00am-4:00pm – Set up

6:00pm-9pm - Shooting


Saturday March 18th

Shooting 8am-3:30pm

Awards 4:00-4:30pm

Tear down to follow, typically takes less than an hour!


We’ll take help one or both days, just a few flights or all day!  If you can only make one day, Saturday is the day we need the most help.

To sign up, call or email Area 3 Representative Nathan Neameyer  (701) 550-9266 or and he’ll get you set up.



Hampton Inn & Suites (up by the airport)

1400 N Broadway


Block Name: ND Game and Fish Archery Tournament


Reserve your room by March 3rd! State B basketball is also in Minot that weekend so all rooms will be gone once released!

Hotel re-imbursement is limited to volunteers travelling 30 miles or more.   






  Watch for more opportunities to lend a hand in your areas. You will be glad you did!

For more information or to volunteer for an event









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